Buch „The Longest Road Out“

Buch „The Longest Road Out“


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Buch „The Longest Road Out“ von Daniel Craanen.

Motoring is about exploration: taking the scenic backroads, finding lesser-known landmarks, and sharing stories with strangers along the way. Its pioneers already knew that but, over time, it’s become a lost art.

That’s why Daniel and Sophie embarked on an extraordinary 100-day journey in a Morgan 4/4. Driving 10,000 meandering miles around Britain and Ireland, from the sun-bathed beaches of the Channel Islands to the perilous passes of Ireland — via the archipelago’s most remote inhabited island — they chased the spirit of classic motoring.

In this travelogue, Daniel captures that journey through absorbing anecdotes and intimate interviews with inspiring locals, accompanied by arresting photographs. What’s it like to drive Britain’s steepest mountain road? Is fish icecream any good? And what do Stoke folk think of using chipped teacups?

The Longest Road Out encourages chance encounters and spontaneities: it provides essential inspiration for inquisitive and intrepid travellers searching for unforgettable experiences. It is an unparalleled route through all of the United Kingdom and Ireland. It allows you to explore every worthwhile nook and cranny. And we’ve personally made sure every single mile would be scenic and full of opportunity.

Through our durable travelogue, we share with you some of the highlights of our 100-day journey. It contains engaging anecdotes and interviews with inspiring people, accompanied by photographs taken en-route. We take you to the sunny strands of Guernsey, the moody industrial towns of West Yorkshire, the knitters of Fair Isle, the mountain passes of Iveragh, and the salt makers of Anglesey.

Whether you want to learn more about our way of travel, need some encouragement to take to the road yourself, or just want a good read, our travelogue is the perfect companion.

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